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    • --- PTC (Poly Tutoring Center).

      Mock final and review:

      Wednesday, 5/6, 1:30pm—4:00pm
      Thursday, 5/7, 1:30pm—4:00pm

    Each review session begins with a mock exam created by our tutors and ends with time for questions and answers.
    Seats in each session are limited and do fill up.
    Students who are interested in the review sessions should contact the PTC by coming to JAB 373 or calling us at 718-260-3425 to reserve a spot.

      Regular schedule
      Monday               12:00pm—8:00pm
      Tuesday               11:00am—8:00pm
      Wednesday          2:00pm—6:00pm
      Thursday             11:00am—8:00pm
      Friday                   11:00am—5:00pm
    • --- TRIO (Office of Special Students)
    • --- HEOP
    • --- General Studies

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    This activity will be done through NYUClasses - we hope it will be working this semester!

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python image beware of (the) python python image