Important Announcements

final seating

Thu May 11, 7:45pm

Those missing recitations have been restored.

Thu May 1, 7:45pm

Friday labs will start with the completion of the linked list lecture.
Labs do meet so definitely show up and bring your laptops.

May 6 is the makeup date.
Same time same room as lecture.
It will be a Lab-In-Lecture session
There will be some time for "your" review
- come prepared to ask review questions
(I will not "review you").

Thu Apr 17


The calendar syllabus page has been made to conform with what we have actually done.
The sample code is still in the old order - find the topic and read the code and class notes embedded in the code.


I have just moved all the old links to the new site for all the photos.
And I checked every single one of them (and there are lot!) and all the links work for me.
Please let me know of any link that is not working.

Stats and graph for midterm
Use BlackBoard to see your score
If you had your grade changed, it may not be reflected in the BlackBoarD data immediately.
As long it is in my spreadsheet, you are fine.

Tue Apr 15, 7:50pm

I can get to the photos - all of them.
Those who could not get to any of them, please contact me to let me know.
A few broken links were fixed but not ALL of links were broken, which seems to be what students were reporting in class.
Again, let us know if there is something wrong in the website.Tue Apr 1, 10:25pm

Stats and graph for midterm

You can also look up your grade to check that we have the correct data entered.

Tue Apr 15, 6:20pm

The frogs and conditional operator
code/link has been modified to include
what we went over in class today.

Thu Feb 27, 2014, 7:45pm

Thu Mar 27 during class time
Where TBA

The Course Info page has been changed to reflect that there is only one midterm.

Wed Feb 26, 2014, 2:35pm

calendar / syllabus page reorganized
(To Be Discussed)

Also - when will the U give us a SNOW DAY makeup?
The calendar / syllabus will change again then.

Fri Feb 14, 2014, 1:15am

Fri labs will be labs - bring your laptops
Tue lecture will be a lecture - bring laptops if you like - it's notgoing to a lab-in-the-lecture

Tue Feb 06, 2014, 9:45pm

The in class question about passing integer values to %f is: doesn't work.
The webpage with this has been updated and reposted.

Tue Jan 28, 2014, 10:30pm

Lots of updates to the website have been made

Sun Dec 23, 2013

Everyone have a great semester.

You MUST be signed up for the recitation (also known as a lab).
See your advisor NOW if you are not signed up for a lecture and a LAB.

Be sure to go to the first LAB this week -
go to one during the first week of classes.

You must have a working laptop and you must bring it to every lab.
The labs are "laptop labs".
If you do not have a laptop or your laptop is out of service, go to the lab anyway and work something out with the lab worker.
We will be working in a UNIX environment, using Cygwin, which will be installed during the first lab.

Sometimes a Tuesday or Thursday "lecture" period may, on occasion, also be a "lab" session (in the room we would normally meet for lecture).
This means bring your laptop and we will try to announce this beforehand.