Important Announcements

SEATING DIRECTIONS for midterm one
are here

Tue Mar 24, 3:25pm

The Thursday AFTER break,
Thu, March 26:
your midterm, during the class period
- where to be announced.

Thu Feb 26, 7:25pm

Please ignore the previous announcement about dates in this course.
I goofed!

The Thursday BEFORE break is:
labs in lecture - bring your fully charged laptop
This is:
Thu, March 12 (CORRECTION)

The Thursday AFTER break is:
your midterm, during the class period - where to be announced.
This is:
Thu, March 26

Thu Feb 26, 7:10pm


Wed Jan 28, 2015, 10:00pm

Everyone have a great semester.

You MUST be signed up for the recitation (also known as a lab).
See your advisor NOW if you are not signed up for a lecture and a LAB.

Be sure to go to the first LAB this week -
go to one during the first week of classes.

You must have a working laptop and you must bring it to every lab.
The labs are "laptop labs".
If you do not have a laptop or your laptop is out of service, go to the lab anyway and work something out with the lab worker.
We will be working in a UNIX environment, using Cygwin, which will be installed during the first lab.

Sometimes a Tuesday or Thursday "lecture" period may, on occasion, also be a "lab" session (in the room we would normally meet for lecture).
This means bring your laptop and we will try to announce this beforehand.