Course Outline Exam Study Guides
Midterm (31 Oct.)
Final (19 Dec) 
Short notes
Weak Memory Models
Signals, traps, and Interrupts (TBD)
Dual Pentium Processors
Direct Memory Access
The Scheduling Problem
Bernstein's conditions
Simple Labs
Unix anonymous Pipes
NT Named Pipes
Unix Signals and NT Events
CPU count
FPE and SetJump
Performance Tracing
Unix: Thread Local Storage
Virtual Memory code in NT.
Unix: shared memory
MS-Windows: hello-world.
Synchronization Primitives
Unix: Mutex_t, Cond_t
NT: CriticalSection
Multithreaded Programming
NT Threads
Solaris Threads
Rainbow Books
UserID + Password
Lab Projects 
Midterm Lab 
Final Lab
File Server
State - Stateless Servers
Client/Server work
Byzantine Generals
Detection and Auto-correction
Reference books:
Richard Stevens, Unix Network programming, Prentice-Hall.  chapters 1-3. ISBN: 0-13-949876-1.
Sunsoft, Solaris: Multithreaded Programming Guide, Prentice-Hall. ISBN: 0-13-160896-7.
H. Deitel, Operating Systems, Addison-Wesley.
M. Ben-Ari, Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming, Prentice-Hall.
A. M. Lister, Fundamentals of Operating Systems, Springer-Verlag.
M. Jones, "Bringing the C Libraries With Us into a Multithreaded Future," pp 81-91,USENIX, Winter 1991.
Pradhan, D.K. Fault-Tolerant Computing Prentice-Hall, 1986.

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