Our lab is located in Room LC020 in the CATT/Dibner Building. Our equipment consists of a mix of Linux and Solaris-based machines, including two Linux clusters contributed by Intel, and an E450 server contributed by Sun Microsystems. The machines are:

pingo-1 to pingo-16: 1.7Ghz P4, 1024MB, 160GB disk, Red Hat Linux
tux-1 to tux-7: 800Mhz P3, 512MB, 320GB disk, Red Hat Linux
bumblebee: Sun E450, 2x400Mhz, 4GB, Solaris
hippo: Dell PowerEdge 2400, 2x800Mhz P3, 1GB, Red Hat Linux
rhino: 2x2.4Ghz Xeon, 4GB, 240GB disk, Red Hat Linu
chinchilla: 3.2GHz P4, 4GB, 1.2TB disk, Fedora
koala: 3.2GHz P4, 4GB, 1.2TB disk, Fedora
plus additional Windows, Linux, and Solaris machines
Lab administrators: Yen-Yu Chen (yenyu@photon) for Linux and Windows, Jeonghan Lim (jlim@ebbets) for Solaris